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Why Printers Use Your Coloured Cartridge to Make Black

Those of you with colour printers may have noticed that your levels of coloured ink drop, even if you only use black ink for printing text. This is because modern printers use coloured ink for every print job they do, whether black, or coloured.

The reason for this is that it improves the quality of the black inks on paper and makes it look more vibrant and sharp. This also aids reliability and efficiency of the print.

There are several other reasons why this process is deemed efficient. One of the main reasons that printers combine all inks is that it will lower the chances of the cartridges drying out from a lack of use. By moving the coloured cartridges now and again you manage to ensure your coloured ink cartridges do not dry out and fail on you. This makes a printer less costly to run in most cases and also saves on resources as you are not throwing out half full cartridges when they have dried up on you.

It is possible to ensure that many printers only print with black ink, but this is not necessarily good for printing and can create problems. Black only printing lowers the life of the cartridges, makes for lower quality prints and creates lower grade greyscale image.

Using all cartridges together eliminates these problems and ensures for a less costly, more efficient printer.