Hints & Tips

Ink and Toner Cartridge Ordering Never Run Out Again !!!!


The 1 in 1 out system works in the following manner. 


All printers are supplied with one new boxed Toner or Ink to sit beside the printer at all times.  When the Toner or Ink in the printer becomes low or empty it is removed and replaced with the new Toner or Ink from beside the printer.

The old Toner or Ink is then placed in the box from which the new toner has been taken.  Then call Mid Island Ink Depot to collect and replace. 

When the old Toner/Ink has been collected and replaced it should be returned to the appropriate printer for later use.

And so the circle starts again.  This method negates the need for panic ordering ensuring you always have enough Toner or Ink to suit your printing needs, and never run out !