Mid-Island Ink Depot Photo Contest

Best Little Photo Contest Ever!

Our now FAMOUS Amateur Best Little Photo Contest Ever! runs through the month of August. We host a different theme for each week of the month. We choose a 1st place winner and 2nd place winner each week. Our most famous theme that draws the biggest crowds is the week of the Precious Pets. We have a great deal of fun looking through the submissions and it is exquisitely difficult to choose the winning photos. We share the entries with all our fans often. Mr. and Mrs. Ink are the judges together with the odd person to break a tie. The chosen photo is featured on our FB Cover for the following week. Come join us for this Ink Community event!

This is an amateurs-only contest. You cannot have been paid for your photos. Each week the 1st place photo takes away a $50 Gift Certificate to a local business customer we have chosen to support, and the 2nd place photo takes away a ½ dozen red roses also from a local business. This is a chance for us to give back to our customers.

2018 Contest Winners