Meet the Team

Mid-Island Ink Depot Team

Mid-Island Ink Depot is a family run business based in Duncan on Vancouver Island. We opened for business in the spring of 2008. We believe our success has been maintained due to our firm commitment to our customers; we go that extra mile every time. On top of this we have a great community minded team.


Chris was born and bred in the UK. He moved to Vancouver Island in the summer of 2007 to marry his long-distance sweetheart, Leigh. Chris looks after the day to day operations of running Mid Island Ink Depot.

When not running the Ink Empire Chris likes to spend time on his ATV out in the bush, flying his Drone or gardening around the property. Chris particularly enjoys the local wildlife and can be found setting up cameras in the fall to catch the bears steeling apples out of the orchard.


Leigh has been a long-time resident on Vancouver Island, although she grew up in Alberta and moved here to follow her other family members. Our social media manager, Leigh takes care of our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms. Our photo contest that runs during the month of August is a smashing successful event that our customers absolutely love.

Leigh works full time as a paralegal in a local law firm, outside of that she has a love of hiking Cobble Hill and any other hikeable spots around the Valley. She’s rather addicted to puzzle building at the moment! Leigh is also one of the founding members of the Toys, Toiletries and Toques campaign that runs each Christmas gathering new, non-food items to distribute to the five Valley Food Banks.

Miss Katie & Miss Duchess

Katie and Duchess are our Delivery Girls. Always on the job with Chris as navigator and guard girl, respectively. They enjoy going out on the deliveries with Chris and have many admirers (the treats might be the key here). Hot summer days they stay at home as it’s just too hot to be travelling in a vehicle and they do like their summers off! - so Chris must go it alone in the summertime.